10 Makeup Tutorials – Step By Step Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

Eye makeup This is the final step in any makeup look. We should use it to highlight our natural features. Styles Weekly has created this post to show you how to apply the perfect eyebrow. makeup tutorials For those with green eyed. If you have green eyes, sit down and enjoy – these looks will compliment you perfectly!

Glittery Green Eyeliner

Step By Step Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

Start your look with a base coat of a neutral colour – a nude or a white. Light brown eyeshadow can be blended into the crease. Apply your green glittery eyeshadow to the entire eyelid. Then, add a touch of brown to the crease area for an even more intense effect. Eyeliner: Draw a very thin line, close to the eyelashes. Finish with a flick. For the final look, use a kohl pencil to work along your waterline.

Green Smokey Eye

Step By Step Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

This stunning green to grey smokey eye is simple to recreate – and oh so effective! From the inner corner, bring the green colour to the middle of the eyelid. Continue the color from the inner edge of the eye to the center of the bottom lashline. Use a grey color to blend from the outer corner towards the centre. Then, use a pencil to draw the waterline at the bottom of your eyelid.

Gold to Brown Blend

Step By Step Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

Begin with a shimmery gold shade, and blend from the inside outwards towards the middle. From the outer corner of your eye, work a light matte shade towards the center of your eyelid. Use your black eyeliner to create a flick at the outer corner. Then, finish with lots of mascara.

Black and white Eyeliner

Step By Step Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

This dramatic, yet simple look will highlight your green eye color to perfection. The eyelid is sprayed with a light golden color for a subtle sheen. Use your black eyeliner and create a thick, curved line that runs from the inner corner to the outer corner. Work a line with a white liner just above the black line to create a beautiful finish.

Green Ombre Blend

Step By Step Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

This amazing ombre blend has well and truly stolen our hearts – we just adore it! Begin with a base and work the dark green color from the outer corner into a flicked shape. Blend a lighter shade of green from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner. Finish off with the lightest green at the inner corner. To add depth and definition, use a black eyeliner.

Gold and Black Dramatic Look

Step By Step Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

This dramatic gold and black look will bring out your beautiful green eyes! Blend out the gold starting from the inner corners, then work in a dark gray shade from the outer corners to meet it at the middle. Build up a flick section with black at the outer corner and then bring it right to the middle of your eye. Line the eye with a black eyeliner starting at the waterline and moving towards the outer corner.

Smokey Blakc Flicked Eyeliner

Step By Step Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

Work a beautiful base colour across the eyelid. Use a black eyeliner to create a thick flick on top and bottom lids. Blend the flick with a fluffy eyeshadow. Line the inner corners of your eyelids with kohl and then add a touch of gold to the outer corners. False eyelashes will give you a fabulous finish.

Use the Gentle Copper Blend as Eyeliner

Step By Step Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

Use a copper-colored pencil to draw a triangular shape that will line the outer corner and crease of your eye. Fill in the triangle and blend it softly. To create a seamless transition, take your light golden eyeliner and blend it from the inner corners towards the center of the eye. Line the eye with black eyeliner, then finish off with a flick.

Navy and Purple Matte Smokey Eyeshadow

Step By Step Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes


Apply a white or nude shade to the entire eyelid, up to the browbone. Blend a mauve-colored shade into the crease to create a shadow. Use a shimmery color to add a little sparkle in the inner corner. Then, blend a darker shade of purple from the outer corner of the eye towards the center. The same shade can be used to line your bottom lashline, and then topped with a kohl pencil at the waterline. The final result is best achieved with eyeliner, mascara and other products.

Subtle Smokey blend

Step By Step Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

This look might just be our favourite from this collection – and it’s oh so easy to recreate! Use a brown pencil to outline the eyelid, moving from the center towards the outer corners. Blend out the pencil as you move. Work your way towards the inner corner, adding a layer of brown eyeshadow. Take a light eyeshadow and lightly apply it along the lower lashline. Then, sweep a shimmery golden shade from the inner eye corner to the center of the eyelid. Finish off your look with a subtle eyeliner followed by lots of mascara.

The post we have written on green eyes makeup is very useful. Now you know what to do to make them pop. Styles Weekly is the place to go for all of the latest makeup trends.

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