17 Popular Hairstyles to suit Different Occasions

Women do not like to wear the same style of hair for every occasion, especially when attending important events. In some cases, a good hairstyle is more important than makeup. A bad hairstyle can make you look less than fantastic, even if your makeup is great.

We will now show you 17 different hairstyles to make sure that you look great at all times. Both long and medium-length hair can be styled beautifully. Take your time to check them out.

Styles for Long Wavy Hair

Styles for Long Waved Hair /via

Long wavy hairstyles are chic and easy to maintain. Your hair will look stylish if you have a nice color.

Messy side bun hairstyle for wedding

Messy side buns for weddings /via

The messy side bun looks beautiful on brides with its two braids. If you want to make it even more spectacular, add some stylish accessories.

Ombre Long Hairstyle for Women

Ombre Long Hairstyle for Women /via

This long ombre hair has a sun-kissed look. Create some soft curls in the ends. A simple twist will add femininity to your final hairstyle.

Messy Long Hairstyles

Messy long bob hairstylevia

This long side-parted bob is suitable for all occasions. You can make your hair look sophisticated when you are going to work or formal events.

Loose ponytail for long straight hair

Loose Ponytails for Long Straight Hairvia

It’s not necessary to chop your hair short if you don’t want to. A simple ponytail will attract all eyes.

Beautiful Straight Haircuts for Long Hair

Straight Haircuts for Long Hair:via

Straight long hair will look more healthy and add texture.

Messy Twisted Half Updo for Medium Hair

Messy Twisted Hairstyle for Medium Hairvia

This chic hairstyle is perfect for medium-length hair. The hair looks like a crown when twisted. It is an elegant hairstyle that gives women a feminine touch.

Messy Ponytail Hairstyle

Messy Ponytail /via

There are many styles to choose from. This messy ponytail will not only make you stylish, but can also frame your face shape.

Easy Updos Hairstyle

Easy Updo / Hairstylevia

This easy but trendy hairstyle for office women is ideal for busy workdays.

Side-Swept braided hairstyle

Braids with Side-Swept Hairstyle /via

For women with long locks, this side-swept style is an excellent choice for attending important events, like a prom or party. This hairstyle is made more romantic by leaving some messy hair along the face. It also suits any face shape.

The Messy Updo: A Fashionable Hairstyle

Fashionable Messy updo Hairstyle /via

This updo is a great hairstyle for women of all ages and it’s not hard to create. This hairstyle is also a great wedding hairstyle.

Double Braid Hairstyles for Gym

Double Braid Hairstyles for Gym/via

Try this gorgeous dual braided haircut when you’re working out in the gym.

Side-parted long curly hairstyle

Hairstyles with Side-parted Curly Long Hairvia

The auburn color gives the curly hair a fashion-forward vibe. This gorgeous hairstyle will upgrade any outfit.

Boho Twisted Hairstyle

Boho Twisted Hairstylevia

This Boho chic twisted hairstyle will give you an elegant look. This hairstyle can be worn with an evening dress for a party, or at work. It is very versatile.

Chic Half-up, Half-down hairstyle

Chic Half-up half-down hairstylevia

This half-up, half-down braided hairstyle looks great on women with long hair. It is also a stylish hairstyle for work or holidays.

Boho-chic Wave Hairstyle

Boho-chic Wave Hairstylevia

This long, wavy hairstyle with a braid on the forehead is perfect for holidays. You can add a braid across the forehead even if you have short hair.

Enjoy the Beach with Style!

Stylish Beach Waves to Enjoy on Holiday /via

If you are a mature woman, then the beach waves will make your holiday more stylish.

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