The 20 Best Layered Long Hairstyles

Even though short hairstyles are more popular than ever, you do not have to give up your long hair if you love it so much. This post features 20 beautiful layered haircuts for women with long, thick hair.

In fact, women who wear long hairstyles look much more graceful and feminine. You can stay and check out what we prepared. Scroll down to have fun!

Long Wavy Hairstyle With Braided Headband

Long Wavy Hairstyle with Braided Headband
Long Wavy Hairstyle With Braided Headband via

Women with long hair can experiment with this gorgeous hairstyle. The beach waves look romantic, and the braided hairband gives this look a boho chic vibe.

Center-part curly hair with short layers

Center-Part Curly Hair with Short Layers
Center-part curly hair with short layers via

Center-parted styles work best with rounder faces. The bouncy curly hairstyles also add volume and make the face appear smaller.

Soft layers and side-parted long hair with soft layers

Side-parted Long Hair with Soft Layers
Side-parted long hair with soft layers via

If you have dyed your hair a fashionable color, it will make you look even more gorgeous. Women can also try this elegant hairstyle.

The Messy Layered Haircut

Stylish Messy Layered Haircut
The Messy Layered Haircut via

You can mess up your hair and do it casually. This effortless look will transform you into a beautiful woman.

Straight Blonde with Side Bangs

Straight Blonde Hair with Long Side Bangs
Straight Blonde with Side Bangs via

Straight long hair is a sure way to make women appear younger. Try the ombre style if you want to look more stylish. This hairstyle is made even more beautiful by the side bangs and long layers.

Haircut with Fringe and Layers

Layered Haircut with Fringe
Haircut with Fringe and Layers via

The cute wispy hairstyle makes the shoulder-length look even more adorable. The layers were arranged in a way that frames the face.

The best straight long hairstyles with layers

Beautiful Straight Long Hairstyle with Layers
The best straight long hairstyles with layers via

Straight hair with layers of long hair is gorgeous. This simple hairstyle looks more feminine with the side part. This hairstyle looks good on women of all ages.

Curly hairstyles with long layers

Curly Hairstyle with Long Layers
Curly hairstyle with long layers via

Curly hair can add volume to the hair. This hairstyle is great for women who have thin hair.

Subtle waves with short layers

Subtle Wavy Hair with Short Layers
Subtle waves with short layers via

Layers give long hair life and movement. If you use subtle waves in your hair, it will make your hair look more casual chic. You can experiment even more with this cool reddish bronze color.

Long Hairstyles with Side Parts

Long Hairstyle with Deep Side-Part
Long hairstyles with Side Parts via

Hairstyles featuring a deep part on the side can help to make your face seem longer. You will look better if you pull back one side of hair.

Long Curls with Medium-Loads

Fashionable Long Curls with Medium Layers
Medium-length curls in a fashionable style via

The side-swept curls can instantly upgrade your look.

Shoulder-Length Layered Hair

Shoulder-Length Hair with Layers
Shoulder-Length Layered Hair via

This golden side-parted style becomes more vibrant and charming with some layers at the end. This is a stylish look for women aged over 30.

Black Straight with Long Laminations

Black Straight with Long Layers
Black Straight with Long Laminations via

You should take good care of hair. So, even the simplest of haircuts will make you look great.

Pretty Layered Cut

Pretty Layered Haircut
Pretty Layered Cut via

Women with thick hair will benefit from this haircut. These mid-length layered haircuts are also very pretty, and can help frame your face.

Face Framing Curly hair

Face Framing Curly Hair
Face Framing Curly hair via

The punky curls and layers create a dramatic effect. You can use this hairstyle to make your face look smaller.

Layered Haircut With Side Bangs

Layered Haircut with Side Bangs
Layered haircut with side bangs via

The side bangs do a good job in framing the face shape while the bouffant crown can add height to your hair so that  the face can look thinner.

Brown Hairstyles with Layers

Brown Hairstyle with Layers
Brown Hairstyles with Layers via

If you add highlights to your curls, they will instantly become trendy.

Braided Hairstyles for Layer Hair

Braided Hairstyle for Layer Hair
Braided Hairstyles for Layer Hair via

Braid them to create a gorgeous look with layers. Natural layers, like the ones in this picture make this hair chic and effortless.

Long Layered Hairstyles Stunning

Stunning Long Layered Hairstyle
Stunning long layered hairstyle via

Another simple way to dress up your long hair is by making a braided headband.

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