Styles Weekly: 21 eye-catching nail trends

Good for you if you cannot imagine going without a mani/pedi every month! Take care of your nails and toenails. It’s a great way of pampering yourself.

Sure, you can visit a spa or a salon to get a traditional French mani or have your nail painted a classic shade of red. If you want to look like a trend-setter, you can try these latest trends. You can also do it with your feet and hands.


Lots of pastel

Plenty of pastel
Lots of pastels/via

Your hands will look so good that you could eat them if you choose pastel colors!

Beautiful violet

Beautiful violet
Beautiful violetvia

The color violet is very popular right now if you want your nails all to be the same color. It looks rich and decadent.

A little bit of leopard

A lil' bit of leopard
The smallest bit of leopard/via

Coral is a nice color on its own. The leopard patterns are what make it really stand out.

The magic of fairy dust

A touch of fairy dust
Touch of fairy dustvia

You can use this look to dress up your nails for a special occasion or wedding.

All over black and red

Black and red all over
Black and Red All Over/via

Here’s a radical way to do French manicures if you love them. Use black or red for the base, and the other color as the tip instead of white.

Reverse ombre glitter

Reverse ombre glitter
Reverse ombre glitter/via

Pale pinks are a popular choice. If you want to make it more noticeable, try a reversed ombre. We love using gold glitter to create the “fading effect”.

Black lines

Black lines
Black lines/via

This is a unique way to perform a French manicure. You can leave your nails natural and color the tips in neon colors. Then, outline each nail using a range of black designs. It’s very funky.

Seafoam Green with a touch of Gold Glitter

Seafoam green with at touch of gold glitter
Seafoam with gold glitter.via

Seafoam Green is the perfect color to wear during summer. With a layer of gold glitter, you will look ready to hit the beach.

Black Lace Art

Black lace art
Black Lace Art/via

Black lace artwork. This look should only be done by professionals. You must admit, the final result is pretty cool. (For the record, you can do this particular design with any color but black is just so…dramatic. Amazing!)

Lavender and silver

Lavender and silver
Lavender with silver/via

Lavender makes a great “girly color”. It stands out even more with silver.

Chalkboard grey

Chalkboard grey
Chalkboard Greyvia

Why we love chalkboard gray so much is a mystery to us. We love it. If you don’t want to use a dark color for your hands, consider it for your feet.

Floral tips

Floral tips
Floral tipsvia

Do you love flowers? Have you considered using them on your nail tips? You should if you haven’t.

Connected design

Connected design
Connected design/via

How about this connected design? If you align your fingers together it becomes a whole new story.

You can never go wrong with a nude

Never wrong with nude
You can never go wrong with nude/via

OK. Nude isn’t new. It’s a color that many women still love. Why? It looks so natural. It’s a great choice.

Enjoy mint green

Fun with mint green
Mint green: a fun color!via

Mint green has also become a popular color. As you can see from this image, it works well with many colors and designs.

Bright orange

Bright orange
Bright orangevia

Bright orange nail colors are another way to make your nails look great. It also works with almost every skin tone.

Black and White Fun

Black and white fun
Black and White Fun/via

Try combining both if you feel that either all-white nails or all-black nails are too dramatic, or even bland. It will draw attention to your feet or hands, whether you use it.

Shades of brown

Shades of brown
Shades of brown/via

Brown comes in a variety of shades. You just have to pick one.

Sideways ombre

Sideways ombre
Sideways ombre/via

Instead of using two colors vertically, you can try horizontally. This will give you a “sideways” ombre look.

French manicure in Rose Gold

French manicure in rose gold
French manicure in rose Goldvia

The rose gold color is one of the most popular colors for nails and hair. You can get a French mani or paint the entire nail in that color.

Metallic silver

Metallic silver
Metallic silvervia

Metallics are another excellent look. It comes in silver, gold, copper and bronze. Whatever you choose, you will look stunning!

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