Feathers can be worn in many different ways.

The best part about fashion is that you never know what “the next big thing” will look like. What is the “best thing” this season? FEATHERS.

You’re in store for a pleasant shock if you’re wondering how to make feathers fit into your wardrobe. Feathers can be worn in a variety of ways. Some of these looks are more daring than others, but they all create a unique look.

1. Feather eyelashes

Feather eyelashes
Feather eyelashes/via

This picture is more of an fashion shot. If you’d like to have extra-long eyelashes then black feathers can make your eyes appear so stunning.

2. Feather Headband

Feather headband
Feather headbandvia

This accessory will look great with a Boho Chic outfit. While it can be worn by hair of all lengths, we believe it looks best on super long locs.

3. Feather High Ankle Boots

Feather high ankle boots
Feather High Ankle Bootsvia

You can wear feathers in the winter. You can get suede ankle booties with feathers. Your skinny jeans will love them!

4. Feather Jacket

Feather jacket
Feather jacketvia

Rarely will you find a feathered jacket. It’s rare to see a feather jacket, but that’s the reason it gets a shout-out here. Who will not? You may be asked where the item came from.

5. Feather mini skirt in two-tone

Feather two-tone mini skirt
Feather two-tone Mini skirtvia

Feathers are often imitated by very small fringes. A good example is this two-tone skirt. This is one of the most popular styles of miniskirts.

6. Feather earrings

Feather earrings
Feather earringsvia

These earrings feature peacock plumes, which are very popular. They’re bright and bold—just like the bird itself.

7. Feather & fringe purse

Feather and fringe purse
Feather & fringe pursevia

Feathers and fringe go together really well. You can attach feathers yourself to a fringed purse.

8. Feather pencil skirt

Feather pencil skirt
Feather pencil skirt/via

We would definitely buy a feathered pencil skirt for every woman on earth. Fashion is so captivating because of this kind of style.

9. Feather Manicure

Feather manicure
Feather Manicurevia

Ever thought of getting a manicure with feathers? You could get real feathers (or nails tips) glued to your nails, but that is not very realistic. You can still get a feather design painted on them. This is even better because it lasts so much longer than the real thing.

10. Feather High Heels

Feather high heels
Feather high heelsvia

When it’s hot outside, you can use feathers to make shoes look great. You can find strap heels with feathers. All black is super sexy!

11. Feather clutch

Feather clutch
Feather clutchvia

Clutches have become very popular. You can combine two fashionable looks with a feather purse.

12. Feather cocktail dresses

Feather cocktail dress
Feather Cocktail Dressvia

You’ll be a hit if your cocktail dress has feathers. If it’s on the bottom of your dress, it makes you look feminine and soft.

13. Feather ‘Ugg’ boots

Feather 'Ugg' boots
Feather ‘Ugg’ boots/via

It’s hard to decide whether we should wear them or snuggle up under them. You can be sure that your feet will stay warm and toasty inside these “Uggs” with feathers.

14. Feather Necklace

Feather necklace
Feather Necklacevia

Pendant necklaces are another trend in jewelry. Peacock feathers are a great “pendant”.

15. Feather fingerless glove

Feather fingerless gloves
Feather fingerless glovevia

It’s so distinct that it’s mysterious and mystical at the same. The effort to make these fingerless gloves will be well worth it.

16. Feather maxi dress

Feather maxi skirt
Feather maxi dressvia

In a white feathered maxi shirt, you will look like the walking embodiment of a winter wonderland. This is amazing.

17. Feather print bikini

Feather (print) bikini
Feather (prints) bikini/via

Feathers with water? That’s probably not the best combination. A feather print bikini, perhaps? That’s an awesome suit for summer.

18. Feather ‘sweater’

Feather 'sweater'
Feather ‘sweater’/via

This sweater is similar to the mini-skirt in two colors. This sweater is made up of a multitude of fringes that are all sewn together. This look will be perfect with a pair fringe booties (or booties).

19. Feather anklet

Feather anklet
Feather ankletvia

Anklets can be worn in the summer. A feather anklet might look a little out of place with a pair shoes. Who wants to wear shoes when walking on the beach?

20. Feather arm bracelet

Feather arm bracelet
Feather armbandvia

It’s also possible to mix feathers into other items in a subtle way. Like how this feather is attached on the silver armband.

21. Feather wedding dresses

Feather wedding dress
Feather wedding dressesvia

If you prefer a wedding gown that is shorter and non-traditional you can weather feathers into the skirt. You’ll look stunning “live”, and also in your photographs!

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