Floral this Fall: 21 ways to wear it

Fashion trends are not limited to the latest colors or clothing styles. You should also consider patterns and prints. The floral print is a pattern that has been seen on runways all year.

If you don’t like that print, or think it is only appropriate in spring and summertimes, then you are about to discover some ways it will also look hot this fall. Some of these combinations may also convince you that florals can look great on anyone. Take a look.

1. Floral manicure

Floral manicure
Floral manicurevia

This floral manicure is not just for girls. If you don’t like the color pink or the thought of wearing pastels on your fingers makes you slightly nauseated, you can still wear floral and look like…you. Instead, choose a dark palette.

2. Floral dress with long Fur Vest

Floral dress and long fur vest
Floral dress and long Fur Vest/via

Fashion is a great way to express yourself. The following are some of the most effective ways to reduce your risk. But there is no hardcore rules. This can be demonstrated by mixing a floral maxi with a long vest of fur. Dare you to say she doesn’t appear incredible in this dress. (We’ll wait…)

3. Floral shorts & opaque tights

Floral shorts and opaque tights
Floral shorts & opaque tights/via

Summer is a great time to wear floral shorts with a tank. Floral shorts in winter with opaque tights, high-heeled shoes and floral shorts? Sexy.

4. Floral platform ankle Boots

Floral platform ankle boots
Floral platform ankle bootsvia

You can add some flair to your solid-colored boots with floral platform ankle boot.

5. Floral turtleneck Dress

Floral turtleneck dress
Floral turtleneck dressvia

Are you looking for an original way to wear floral patterns? You’ve got to try this. Turtleneck dresses are unique and a little sexy.

6. Floral skirts, graphic tees and button-down sweater

Floral skirt, graphic tee and button down sweater
Floral skirt and graphic tee with button down sweater/via

It doesn’t matter what season it is, this look will always be cute. You only need a graphic tee, a miniskirt and a cardigan. Oh, and some cute tights!

7. Floral skinny pants and sweater

Floral skinny jeans and sweater
Floral skinny jeans with sweatervia

This look can be dressed up or down depending on your accessories. Flats give a casual look. Pumps (or high-heeled booties) are perfect if you wish to go up a level.

8. Floral mini-skirt and long-sleeved shirt

Floral mini skirt and long sleeve shirt
Floral mini-skirt and long sleeved shirtvia

This is a great look for a date night. Her calf-high boots are a great addition.

9. Floral maxi skirt

Floral maxi skirt
Floral maxi skirt/via

The floral pattern on this maxi skirt is very abstract. That makes it suitable for every woman—no matter what her personal style may be.

10. Floral dress and silk Jacket

Floral dress and silk jacket
Floral dress with silk jacketvia

It’s so romantic and contemporary. You can wear a floral dress, preferably one that is short. Then put on an overcoat of silk (preferably the kimono).

11. Floral scarf

Floral scarf
Floral scarfvia

One accessory can transform an outfit. An example: A simple black top has been transformed into something visually pleasing by a black-and white scarf.

12. Leather with Dark Floral Design

Leather with dark floral print
Leather with dark floral prints/via

Do you love this look for fall? The combination of dark floral prints and leather is chic. You can look stylish without looking as if you are trying too hard.

13. Floral flare skirt

Floral flare skirt
Floral flare skirt/via

This outfit is a perfect example of an outdoor wedding.

14. Floral minidress and pattern tights

Floral mini dress and pattern tights
Floral mini dress with pattern tightsvia

Another great look for cold weather. Her tights are complemented beautifully by the floral print.

15. Floral backpack

Floral backpack
Floral Backpackvia

No matter whether you’re in school or not. Backpacks are in. Floral backpacks are super feminine.

16. Floral kimono with lace up boots

Floral kimono jacket and lace up boots
Floral kimono with lace up boots/via

This is another way of wearing a floral jacket. This time the pattern has flowers. Dig the boots!

17. Floral drawstring pants, quilted jacket

Floral drawstring pants and quilted jacket
Floral pants with drawstrings, and quilted jacket/via

If you find a pair of floral pants with drawstrings, don’t let them slip by.

18. Floral black lace dress

Floral black lace dress
Floral black lace dress/via

It’s a beautiful way to incorporate florals into your wardrobe. Find a lace gown with a floral print.

19. Floral blouse with jeans

Floral blouse and jeans
Floral shirt and jeansvia

A blouse with florals paired with skinny jeans is a great way to dress in florals. Don’t forget to wear heels!

20. Floral statement sweater and necklace

Floral statement necklace and sweater
Floral statement sweater and necklacevia

Statement necklaces remain a popular fashion accessory. A floral necklace can add personality to any sweater.

21. Wild with color floral

Wild with color floral
Wild with color floral/via

She is having a great time with her outfit. That’s what we should all remember. Fashion should be enjoyable. The more colors, the more patterns—the more you are willing to boldly showcase yourself…the better!

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