Neon: 22 Ways to Style it

All things come full circle. Even when it comes fashion. So, if you happen to be someone who was either too young—or too mortified—to wear neon back in the 80s, guess what? You can now try it!

Do not be timid. Some of the biggest names of fashion, as well as a number of celebrities, are wearing it at this moment. Why not give these fun neon looks at least a try? Right.


1. Neon shorts

Some neon shorts
Neon shortsvia

Neon shorts are the perfect way to say “I am all about summer”. The best part is that they go with almost anything.

2. Neon scarf

Neon scarf
Neon scarfvia

How can you use neon during cooler months? This is one example. Use a neon scarlet to help.

3. Neon clutch

Neon clutch
Neon clutchvia

Accessories are fun. This neon clutch is a great example. It’s an important fashion statement.

4. Neon skater skirt

A neon skater skirt
Neon skater skirt/via

Make your black clothing stand out. Put on a skater skirt. This look is even more appealing with black gladiator shoes.

5. Neon jewelry

Neon jewelry
Neon jewelry/via

This look is great. Her neon jewelry, Aztec bag and top are a breather of fresh air.

6. Neon eyeshadow

Neon eyeshadow
Neon eyeshadow/via

It’s understandable that you thought neon eyeshadow might be “a bit too much”. It’s important to combine it with softer colors. Blending is crucial when it comes eyeshadow.

7. White with neon

White with neon
White with neon/via

White and neon are a great combination. This color combination is a great place to start if you are new to neon.

8. French Neon Nail

Neon French manicure
Neon French manicurevia

Have you ever heard of the neon French manicure? We’re willing bet that you’re considering getting one!

9. Neon sundress

A neon sundress
Neon sundress/via

You can see that there are other shades of yellow besides neon. One of these colors is green.

10. Neon bandage bikini

Neon bandage bikini
Neon bandage bikini/via

This neon bandage bikini will definitely turn heads! (Maybe even cause some whiplash!)

11. Neon Boho dress

Neon Boho chic dress
Neon Boho Chic Dressvia

This is an amazing way to mix in neon colors without it looking too garish.

12. Neon platform shoes

Neon platform shoes
Neon platform shoe/via

Shoot! Shoot! Whatever the case,.

13. Neon pencil skirt

Neon pencil skirt
Neon pencil skirt/via

Neon yellow might—just might—be a bit too much for a pencil skirt. But Clear and concise explanations of the differences between each other neon green isn’t.

14. Neon fringe tank top

Neon fringe tank top
Neon fringe tank top/via

The fringe is everywhere. Look for neon fringe tanks if you haven’t got one yet. You will be asked where you purchased it by everyone if you have one.

15. Neon skinny jeans

Neon skinny jeans
Neon skinny jeans/via

Purple. Neon. Skinny. Jeans. Jeans. Who wouldn’t want them?

16. Neon tribal print cardigan

Neon tribal print cardigan
Neon tribal print cardiganvia

Fall (and Winter) weather is often cloudy and dull. Even if your cardigan is a neon print, it won’t make a difference.

17. Neon Party Dress

Neon party dress
Neon Party Dress/via

Every girl should have a dress for a party. Every girl will be the life and soul of the party in this figure-fitting dress.

18. Shorts in different neon colors

Shorts with different neon colors
Shorts in different neon colors/via

This look is perfect for relaxing. With just a few solid color tanks, you can change your look with every outfit.

19. Neon flare skirt

Neon flare skirt
Neon flare skirt/via

In a neon flared skirt, you’ll look “pretty confident”. It’s because people are going to be drawn to you when you walk in a room. The whole time you are there.

20. Neon faux fur jacket

Neon faux fur jacket
Neon faux fur jacket/via

It’s chic, but still funky. Fur is in fashion right now. Why not choose a jacket with neon colors?

21. Neon canvas shoes

Neon canvas sneakers
Neon canvas sneakersvia

You can also buy neon canvas sneakers. You can wear these sneakers with almost anything.

22. Neon lipstick

Neon lipstick
Neon lipstick/via

It’s true, neon lipstick exists. We’re confident that you’ll find at least one place to wear neon lipstick before the year ends. Have fun with it!

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