Brown Eyes Makeup: Here are 27 Beautiful Tutorials

The beauty of brown eyes is often overlooked, but they have so much potential when it comes to eye makeup.  Brown eyes can be paired up with any shade of eyeshadow or liner.  Colors like purple and pink tend to complement brown eyes better than blue.  Pink can make blue-eyed people look like they have an irritation, but pink eyeshadow looks great on brown-eyed people.  This also depends on how each person is.  Keep reading to find out how you can create a wide range of makeup looks, which are perfect for brown eyes.

Pink and taupe/via


Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Eyeshadow in taupe and rose pink for brown eyesvia

This pretty and simple look complements brown eye color beautifully.

Taupe cat eye/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Taupe cat eyes for brown eyesvia

The beauty of brown eyed women is brought out in this glamorous look.

Smokey eyes/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Smokey eyes is a term used to describe brown eyes.via

This stylish look will flatter your beautiful brown eyed.

Sparkly gold/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Sparkly golden look for brown eye/via

This glamorous look is great for holiday parties and nightclubs.

Silver sparkle/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Sparkly Silver White Eye Look for Brown Eyesvia

Your brown eyes will pop with this ethereal and angelic look.

Sweet lavender/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Sweet lavender eye look for brown eyes/via

Lavender is a great way to bring out all the natural beauty that brown eyes have.

Soft champagne shimmer/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Champagne shimmer for brown eyesvia

This gorgeous look can be worn for day or night.

Plum and navy/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Plum and navy eye-look for brown/brown eyesvia

Navy and plum combine to highlight your brown eyes.

Metallic teal/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Metallic teal eyes for brown/brown eyesvia

This flattering and fun look is sure get you noticed.

Rose gold/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Rose gold eye makeup for brown eyesvia

This dramatic look looks great on brown-eyed people.

Daring Brights/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Dark shadows for brown eyes.via

This is an excellent evening look for brown-eyed women.

Lilac eyeliner/via

Eyeliner for brown eyes
Look for Lilac eyeliner on brown eyesvia

This easy and simple look will bring out your beautiful eyes!

Browns with a natural soft look The eyes/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Natural look with brown eyes/via

This easy look will bring your natural beauty out all day.

Neutral look/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Brown eyes can be neutralized by using neutral makeup.via

This structured and classic look is polished and professional.

Pink chocolate/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Pink chocolate for brown eyesvia

The pink color will enhance the brown eye’s glamour.

Draw an outline/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Brown eyes with a half moon appearancevia

This is an easy-to-do look that is perfect for the evening.

Incomparable sparkle/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Brown eyes will sparkle with a unique shine.via

This beautiful and versatile look can be worn for either daytime or evening.

Twilight colors/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Twilight colors for brown eye/via

The soft, pretty color will bring out your brown eyes.

Purple Below/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Look for brown eyes in purple belowvia

The trendy look you choose will make sure that you stand out from the crowd!

Electric pink/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
The electric pink color for brown eyesvia

This incredibly feminine look showcases the beauty and versatility of brown eyed women.

Sparkling peacock/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Sparkling peacock for brown eyesvia

With this eye look, you can wear the colors of a beautiful peacock.

Amber base/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Amber base for brown eyesvia

The golden flecks will be brought out in your brown eyes with the amber base.

Olive green/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Olive green eyes for brown/brown eyesvia

The olive green color will bring out your brown eyes’ green.

Cat eye with Gold/via

Eyeshadow for brown eyes
Cat eye with golden brown eyesvia

This cat-eye with gold glitter will look great on brown eyes.

Simple brown line and taupe shadow/via

Eye looks for brown eyes
Brown eyes can be enhanced with a simple brown line and taupe shadow.via

This pretty and soft look will surely turn heads.

Mega long lashes/via

Eye looks for brown eyes
Brown eyes look great with long, lashes.via

The look of long, thick lashes will bring out the beauty in your brown eyes.

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