Four Dreamy Bridesmaids Accessories You’ll Love

It is impossible to imagine a bride out there attending a wedding with no bridesmaids. In terms of styling and planning details for the wedding, the accessories worn by bridesmaids are as important as the ones worn by the bride.

bridesmaids in cream colored dresses

They are a beautiful addition to the nuptials of 2018. The new trends for 2018 nuptials are lovely. They have a modern feel and a freedom from the strict conventions of wedding styles. The bridesmaids’ accessories will depend on the wedding ceremony and party that the bride and groom are planning. However, the basic elements remain.

1.      Dreamy Tiaras

feminine and delicate tiaras

Tiaras are a beautiful piece of jewelry for brides, bridesmaids, and both. This year’s trend is all about dreamy, fairytale-like tiaras. Bridesmaids can wear mermaid-style tiaras, or princess-like bejeweled tiaras.

These accessories are adorned with pearls, gemstones and accent stones. You can choose dreamy tiaras for your bridesmaids. They will add subtle sophistication to the look. Tiaras can be a great way to add a touch of elegance and style to your nuptial outfits, depending on the color and style of the dress.

The flower power trend is a welcome addition to the bejeweled tiaras. The dreamiest tiaras have natural flowers carelessly braided into them. Natural flower tiaras will be the perfect accessory for your bridesmaids if you are planning a garden ceremony.

2.      Minimalist Jewellery

lilac pearl studded earrings

Bridesmaids this year are expected to wear the least amount of jewelry possible. The trend dictates that jewelry pieces are minimal and feminine, with a soft edge.

The 2016 bridal trends include a bare look with pearl studs on the bridesmaids’ earlobes. It’s easy to create this poetic look with such dreamy jewelry items. A simple, thin silver chain with a pearl pendant that feels almost weightless is just as effective.

The dreamy, fanciful jewelry can be a stark contrast to the princess tiaras that are meticulously crafted. You want this effect, however. This type of contrast has been created by designers in search of ever-fresher wedding trends. It offers a natural shine while highlighting just one piece.

3.      Pantone Colors for the Year

color pallete for weddings 2016

Even when it comes to the nuptial season, colors are always in style. Most brides opt for a white dress as it is the color they will always remember. The bridesmaids have more options, so they may be a bit lucky.

Colors for 2018 are vibrant, fresh and fun. Rose quartz, peach echoes and fiesta are all rosy colors. Blue hues of the year include serenity, limpetshell and snorkel blue. Buttercup, iced coffee, and other candy-like colors add a sweet note to bridesmaid dresses, shoes, and quirky bridesmaids accessories. Pantone’s color palette is down to its last two options for the year: Lilac Grey and Green Flash.

These fresh lively colors may be used in décor, centerpieces, styling accents and… bridesmaids accessories. Pantone’s colors are used in many collections, from bridesmaid dresses to shoes.

4.      Flower Bouquets

wrist flower bouquet bridesmaid accessories

Flower bouquets don’t have to be reserved just for the bride and centerpieces. Flowers are a great accessory for bridesmaids.

The flower tiaras have already been mentioned. Also, flowers that are natural look fantastic on the wrist. Tiny bouquets, which look like jewellery, can be worn on the wrist.

Artificial flowers are just as effective. The 2018 bridal season is about natural looks and a fresh feeling. Why not make the most of this and select some flowers that are long-lasting, which will enhance the wrist with a floral scent?

Flowers also go well with the Pantone colours of this year. The flowers go well with all the colors, from the candy and rosy tones to minty hues.

Here are the top four trends in 2016 for bridesmaid accessories. The brides of 2016 can plan a stylish wedding with the help of tiaras, flower arrangements worn as jewelry and minimalist jewelry.

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