Tiny tattoos for girls and women – 46 small tattoo designs for women

Here are some small, meaningful, classy and simple tattoos! Small tattoos are popular for beginners. They look cute and are a good choice. Why not get a small tattoo for your first tattoo? You may regret the tattoo if it doesn’t suit you over time.

We have collected the most popular and latest tiny tattoos for women.

small dot bow tattoo for women
Small dot bow tattoos for women

The tiny bow with dots. So delicate, and so tiny. So feminine, yet so dainty. Although this is one of the smallest and most delicate tattoos we have ever seen, it doesn’t make it any less beautiful. The tattoo is tiny, chic, and graceful.

Sinister-Skull Tattoo for women
Women’s Sinister Skull Tattoo

After the ear, a cool skull tattoo! Source: Instagram user jawtattoos

Kodak-Moment Tattoo
Kodak-Moment Tattoo

Source: Instagram user littletattooo

Getting-Cut Tattoo
Get-Cut Tattoos for Girls

Source: Instagram user melanie_knightrider

Bow-Arrow Tattoo for women
Bow-Arrow Tattoos for Women

Source: Instagram user boitattooa

Warrior-Girl Tattoo
Warrior Girl Tattoo

Women’s character tattoos, “Warrior”: Meaningful! Source: Instagram user abbey147

Footprints tattoo for women
Footprints Tattoo for Women

Source: Instagram user amberlove146

Spread-Your-Wings for girls
Spread Your Wings to girls

Cute little Swallow tattoo for women. Source: Instagram user ky.duyen

Bloom tattoo for ladies
Bloom tattoos for Ladies

Small flower tattoos for the ears. Source: Instagram user inknasiumtattoo

Miley Cyrus Tiny Moon Tattoos
Miley Cyrus Tiny Moons Tattoos

It’s a small tattoo by Miley Cyrus.

Harry-Potter-Fan tattoo for women
Harry Potter tattoos for women

Do you like Harry Potter? Source: Instagram user meglev_

Perfect-Punctuation Tattoo for women
Women can get a tattoo that features the perfect punctuation.

Source: Instagram user veronike90

Yin-Yang Tattoo for women
Yin Yang Tattoos for Women

Source: A Chinese tattoo. Source: Instagram user hippietattoos

Cest-La-Vie tattoo for girls
Cest-La-Vie Tattoo for Girls

Cute small tattoos to hand. Source: Instagram user tomerjones

Ray-Sun Tattoo for women
Ray-Sun Tattoos for Women

The small sun tattoo is a cute design. Source: Instagram user wawi26

Flying-High Tattoo
Flying High Tattoo for Women

Small plane tattoos are cool. Source: Instagram user littletattoolove

Single-Star Tattoo
Girls’ wrist tattoo with a single-star design

The star tattoos have become very popular. A lot of young girls love to try them. Source: Instagram user tattoosfofas

Let Tattoo
Let Tattoo

Let it be! Source: Instagram user dzulking

Hang Tattoo
Tattoo of the neck with a Hang on Tattoo

Source: Instagram user violaturrini

Cat-Lady Tattoo
Cat-Lady tattoo

Women’s black cat tattoo. Small black cat neck tattoo. Source: Instagram user sun_kissed29

Personal-Initial Tattoo for women
Women’s Personal Initial Tattoo

A tiny “K”, placed next to the ear. This tattoo is easy and signifies that you’re “King!” Source: Instagram user ljdonovan

Small-Simple Tattoo for women
Women’s small-simple tattoos

On the finger, a lotus tattoo and arrow tattoo! I love them both! Source: Instagram user ashholez

Two-Moons Tattoo
Two-Moons tattoo

Source: Instagram user kassiwizner

Right-Note Tattoo
Women’s Right-Note Tattoo

On hand: A small, cute music note tattoo. Source: Instagram user gabi_tattoo

Basic-Wave Tattoo
Basic-Wave Tatt

Small wavy tattoos on the foot. Source: Instagram user kristinaamelie

Minuscule-Symbol Tattoo
The Minuscule Symbol Tattoo

This is a Chinese character tattoo “力”, which means “power”. Source: Instagram user beebiddy

Crowning-Glory Tattoo
Crowning-Glory tattoo for girls

Cute crown tattoo for the finger! Source: Instagram user samtattoosolna

Get-Lucky Tattoo for women
Get Lucky Tattoo for Women

The tattoo is small and four-leaf, meaning “lucky”. Source: Instagram user tattoodesigns22

Classic-Heart Tattoo for ladies
Classic Heart Tattoos for Girls

This cute little heart tattoo is perfect for girls. You can use it anywhere! Source: Instagram user paulaputz

Little-Feather Tattoo for women
Little Feather Tattoos for Women

I’ve seen quite a few women getting this tattoo. Source: Instagram user chillimobanditova

Kiss-Kiss Tattoos for women
Kiss-Kiss Tattoos For Women

“X” tattoo? No? The Kiss? Source: Instagram user mjbac

Sail-Away Tattoo
Sail Away Tattoo for Women

Cute tiny tattoos on the wrist. Source: Instagram user stardusthang

Meaningful-Arrow Tattoo
Meaningful Arrow Tattoo

The small arrow is a cool tattoo that can be done on the wrist. Source: Instagram user dobeo.stagram

Elephant-Lover Tattoo
Elephant-Lover Tattoo

Elephant tattoo Source: Instagram user miztat2

Stars Tattoos for ladies
Stars Tattoos for girls

Dots and Stars! Source: Instagram user angela.marco

Cute-Cross Tattoo for women
Cute Cross Tattoos for Women

The cross tattoos have become very popular. This is a classic cross tattoo! Both women and males will love this! Source: Instagram user grace_jayde

Unique-Snowflakes Tattoo for women
Unique Snowflakes Tattoos for Women

Source: Instagram user f_tattoos

Avid-Reader for ladies
Women’s avid readers

The finger is adorned with a small book tattoo. Source: Instagram user jenni_se_qua

Scorpio-Symbol Tattoo for women
Scorpion Tattoos for Women

Source: Instagram user sadiejayne75

Jewish-Star Tattoo for women
Jewish Star Tattoos for Women

The finger can be adorned with a simple Jewish star. Source: Instagram user gabi_tattoo

Heartbeat Tattoo for female
Heartbeat tattoo for female

Source: Instagram user rockvoltage

Made-Brasil Tattoo for female
Made-Brasil Female Tattoo

There are some cool characters on your feet. Source: Instagram user raissanaomy

So-Luxurious Tattoo for ladies
Ladies’ So-Luxurious tattoo

Source: Instagram user inalbiiiis

Sweet-Tooth Tattoo for women
Sweet-Tooth tattoo for women

Source: Instagram user krolinktattoo

Nano-Dots Tattoo for women
Women’s Nano-Dots tattoo

Three small dots on the finger! Do you know what it means? Source: Instagram user cuddlycrackwhore

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