DIY Fashion: 15 DIY Shoe Design Ideas

Shoes can make an outfit or break it. The right shoes can transform an outfit and your day in a matter of seconds. Great shoes are not cheap and we see the same styles every season. They could be a bit more colorful, funnier or have a designer-chic look like the ones we see on catwalks and in fashion magazines. You know the saying, “if you want it done, do it yourself!”

Wouldn’t you love to score a pair that is completely unique, in your favorite color, and costing next to nothing at a great sale? This sounds like the stuff of dreams, right? Just one more question – how many pairs of shoes do you have that are just not ‘you’ anymore? You know those heels that are hiding in the back corner of the closet and just don’t seem to go with anything anymore? The flats that looked great last year but are just a bit… tired?

This gallery shows you how to transform your old shoes into a brand new design. Fun, eco-friendly and frugal is breathing new life into an older pair of shoes. Avoid the shops and save time, energy and money by getting craft supplies instead and being creative! Our galleries will always be here to inspire, but you can also use the materials you already have to make a super-cheap project or you can even create your own design using these techniques. If you’re looking for shoes that match an outfit but are unable to find any, then raid your old shoes and be creative. Don’t stop there; there are endless ways to use these techniques… how about handbag to match your ‘new’ shoes? Or maybe a piece of statement jewelry? Browse through our other galleries to find hundreds of ideas that will change the way you dress and your perception about clothing.

Glamorous Heels

The Quickest Shoe Tutorial Ever

Lovely, Lovely!

Cute Diy Shoes

DIY SHOES : Floral Sandals

Flats are Easy to Make

Dotted Shoes

DIY Fashion Sneakers

DIY Printed Sneakers

DIY Painted Sneakers

DIY Sneakers – From Plain White to Neon Orange in 3 Steps

DIY Zebra Sneakers

DIY Floral Sneakers

DIY Denim Wedges

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