How to Get the ‘Nautical’ Look Working for You

“The nautical look” is usually seen in the summer. The nautical look is the combination of red, blue, and white. This can be in the form or stripes, or even an anchor. It’s the combination of red, white and blue that makes you think of sailing on open seas.

This year the nautical style is a big fashion trend. You may not have tried it yet because you didn’t know how to make it look good on you. Here are a few ideas that could help you turn it into one of your favourite fashion styles.

1. Nautical nails

Nautical nails
Nautical nailsvia

Whether you’re about to go on a cruise or the 4th of July is coming up and you’re planning on spending the holiday on a boat—or even better, a yacht—your hands will look super ready for the occasion with a nautical theme manicure.

2. Striped hoodie

Striped hoodie
Striped hoodie/via

It might surprise you to find out that something so simple as a blue and white hoodie is able to pass for a “nautical style”. It can also keep you warm, especially when the cool breezes from the ocean come.

3. Conservative nautical party wear

Conservative nautical party dress
Conservative nautical party wearvia

This navy and white dress will be perfect for a party that’s going to take place on a yacht.

4. Sleeveless top with stripes

Striped sleeveless top
Sleeveless top in stripesvia

The nautical look can be achieved in a subtler way. The sleeveless blouse is cute. The blue and white accessories are detailed to perfection, which makes the top stand out.

5. ‘Layered’ nautical

'Layered' nautical
‘Layered’ nautical/via

You have a short-sleeved denim dress hanging in your wardrobe? All you have to do is wear a red and white striped shirt underneath. You’re instantly nautical-ready!

6. Retro nautical bathing suit

Nautical retro bathing suit
Nautical Retro Bathing Suit/via

Retro bathing suits have become very popular. Take this chance to purchase a bathing costume with a nautical theme. (Love this skirt!)

7. Anchors purse

Anchors purse
Anchors purse/via

Maybe an accessory with a nautical theme would suit your style better than a nautical outfit. Perhaps this anchors bag is what you are looking for.

8. Mini striped halter dress

Mini striped halter dress
Mini striped halter dress/via

Cute. Cute. Cute. You can’t resist this striped mini dress with a halter neckline, whether you plan to go on a boat trip or not.

9. Anchor tank top

Anchor tank top
Anchor tank topvia

Another way to “rock the nautical” without overdoing it is to look for a graphic tee that has a nautical symbol—like an anchor, for instance—on it.

10. Nautical Print Dress

Nautical print dress
Dress with nautical print/via

This dress screams nautical. Independence Day. Both at the same time.

11. Striped loafers

Striped loafers
Striped loafersvia

Comfort is essential when you’re on a boat. The blue and white striped loafers will make you feel great while riding the waves.

12. Striped shirt with orange skirt

Striped shirt and orange skirt
Striped shirt and an orange skirt/via

A striped shirt in blue and white with a skirt in a vibrant color is another way to achieve the nautical look. For example, this orange skirt.

13. Styles of nautical shorts

Nautical shorts style
Shorts in nautical style/via

This shorts outfit is a perfect example of “nautical”. It’s the combination of patterns in the polka dots scarf and the striped shoe that makes this outfit so special.

14. Blue and white strapless dress

Blue-and-white strapless dress
Blue and white strapless dressvia

A nice alternative to traditional stripes is the chevron pattern. It’s an innovative take on nautical themes.

15. Casual nautical

Casual nautical
Casual nauticalvia

The whole look says, “A day on the sea”. You probably already own all these items.

16. Bracelet with pearls and anchors

Anchors and pearls bracelet
The anchor and pearl bracelet/via

If you don’t want to wear anything nautical, you can still “represent” yourself in a different way. An anchors and Pearls Bracelet will help you to do this in an eloquent manner. You can also choose another nautical piece of jewelry.

17. A ‘Nautical’ pump

A 'Nautical' pump
A ‘Nautical’ pump/via

You can wear this nautical pump with anything from skinny jeans, a tank top to a maxi skirt or dress in a solid color.

18. Sailor romper

Sailor romper
Sailor romper/via

It’s a fact. Outfits can’t look more nautical. If you’re planning a sailing date with your partner, you can bet on the fact that they will absolutely love everything about this romper. This includes the sailor’s cap.

19. Nautical rope wristband

Nautical rope bracelet
Bracelet with nautical rope/via

This is a casual version of nautical jewelry. The rope style makes you feel like you are out on the open waters.

20. Striped skater skirt

Striped skater skirt
Striped skater skirt/via

You should always have a blue and white striped skater in your wardrobe. If you are trying to achieve a nautical theme, or not.

21. Leggings with nautical designs

Nautical leggings
Leggings for a nautical lookvia

These aren’t unique! The only thing you’ll need to finish the look is white canvas sneakers and a V-neck white t-shirt.

22. Top anchors

Anchors top
Anchors Top/via

Some people love the nautical theme, but not everyone is a fan of the classic red-navy-white color scheme. That’s cool. You can still qualify if you wear something with a nautical logo.

23. Maxi dress with nautical accessories and stripes

Striped maxi dress and nautical accessories
Striped maxi and nautical accessoriesvia

It’s a nice nautical outfit. It’s beautiful, comfortable, and incorporates all the elements that make a nautical look work. Oh my goodness, this is so good.

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