You can make your own shoes using these DIY ideas

Women are fond of buying shoes. They can improve your appearance and bring you happiness, just as Cinderella did. Even though not everyone has the opportunity to wear real crystal shoes, women are always looking for the best shoes. We will share some DIY shoe ideas that you can use to beautify old shoes while saving you money. Check them out here! I hope this post will be helpful to you! Enjoy!

How to fix the heels-scratches?

High heels can be very flirty but they are also easy to scratch if you are not careful! You can use nail polish on the scratches. This tutorial can help you repair the scratches, as well as making them even more fashionable! Try it out and see what you think!


DIY Studded Sneakers

You can make your basic converse sneakers unique and trendy by adding some spikes! The steps are easy to follow, right?


Glass Cleaner for Shining Your Shoes

You can use the glass cleaner to clean your shoes.


Suede Shoes: Nail File for Cleaning via

Most people find it hard to clean suede footwear. Here’s a great solution!


DIY Crystal Shoes via

Want to own a pair or crystal shoes? Add crystals wherever you want!


 The old shoes can be recycled to make new ones.

Tired of your shoe’s color? You want shoes with a more trendy color. By following these steps, you can transform your old shoes into new colored pairs!


Coins to Prevent Slippage

If your kids are wearing shoes that do not have a good grip, it is easy for them to fall when it rains. You will be amazed at how well the coins can help you with this problem if you check out this tutorial.


Breaking in New Heels: A Guide via

New shoes can cause our feet to be abraded. However, there are methods for breaking in new shoes. New shoes will not cause us pain!


DIY Sequined Pumps

You can transform your basic pumps into party shoes by adding some glitter. Try it!


DIY Painted Shoes via

Pumps with colored soles are more appealing. While  Christian Loubtion Make your own red soles by using your nail polishes.


Stretch the shoes with this clever idea

This is an easy way to stretch out your shoes and make them more comfortable for your feet!


DIY Cap Toe Shoes

Do you want to purchase a new pair cap toed shoes? Just wait! You can get chic cap toe shoes by following this tutorial. These simple steps will allow you to DIY many more shoes!


How to Renew Old Boots with YouTube

The winter boots get dirty and are difficult to clean after the long summer. Most people throw away their winter boots, but that is a waste. Just a few easy to get items and you’ll have your boots cleaned in minutes! You can check it out!



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